Providing Professional Services
to the Law Enforcement
Community since 1997

Mission & History

ICJE's mission is to serve as a nonprofit organization supporting law enforcement, by developing and disseminating educational material relating to criminal investigation, management of law enforcement resources and effective use of technology in the criminal justice arena. This information is delivered primarily through lectures and publications, and is furnished to governmental and security agencies having a primary law enforcement function and to select companies, students and individuals demonstrating a valid need for law enforcement information.

Beginning in 1997, when Alabama began requiring most of the state's law enforcement officers to receive at least twelve hours of continuing education annually or lose their certification, a serious financial burden was imposed on the more than five thousand officers in medium and small departments. The problem was compounded by cutbacks in traditional no-cost training by federal agencies such as the FBI. The need has been partially met through periodic free training sponsored by Faulkner University and Law Enforcement Training Services, LLC, with Faulkner and LETS instructors donating their time to the training. This training has been limited by geographical area and availability of instructors, and while it has been helpful to those officers receiving the training, a program with a much broader scope is urgently needed. To meet this need, ICJE was formed specifically to provide quality Peace Officers Standards and Training Commission (POST) certified training throughout Alabama at little or no cost to officers or their departments.